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Andover Mills 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set Reviews & Buying Guide

Andover Mills 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set is Perfect Size, Good Looking, Delivered on Time, Very Pleased

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Andover Mills 5 Piece Dining Set ImageThe Attucks collection at Andover mills features traditionally designed dining pieces to suit your home. One of these traditionally designed pieces is the Andover mills 5 piece counter height dining set. The Counter Height Dining Set is arguably one of the most stylish modern dining room furniture at its price range. With a classically designed solid wood dining table and 4 upholstered chairs with soft micro-fiber seats to complete the set, it’s perfect for any small to medium sized dining space. The Andover 5 Piece Dinning set makes updating your dining space easy and affordable; it’s hard to find such a 5 piece dining set under 300 dollars with such good qualities.

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  • 1 dining table and 4 upholstered dining chairs with a traditional espresso finish that complements existing décor.
  • Wooden rectangular table for durability and a classy natural feel.
  • Four wooden chairs with extremely soft micro-fiber seats for that extra comfort.
  • V design on the back of the chair for comfort and back support
  • Elegant design with a modern and expensive look.
  • With a 47.2″ Width and a 29.5″ length solid wood dinning table it’s perfect for a small to medium dining area.
  • Very light with the overall table weight being just 93lbs.
  • The top material, base material and chair material are all made from manufactured wood, except for the seat, which is made from soft micro-fibers.



  • Comfortable chairs with soft micro-fiber seats and back rest.
  • Very nice, elegantly designed with a modern look.
  • Light weight yet strong.
  • Small enough to fit in a small dinning or kitchen area.
  • Easy to assemble with no chance of being put together incorrectly
  • Fast delivery
  • The chairs can be pushed in completely under the table.
  • Low cost with great quality.
  • Stain proof seats that dry quickly when wet.



  • Table surface can be easily marked or scratched. A table cloth might be required.
  • A little too small for a large family or a large dinning space.
  • No pre-drilled holes to attach the base of the chair to the frame of the chair. You might have to drill one yourself.
  • Since it’s made from manufactured wood, it not suitable for termite infested areas and not as durable as the aluminum dining pieces.
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Our Opinion

If you’re looking for contemporary dining room furniture, kitchen dining sets or a breakfast table set that is affordable and stylish then we would recommend the Andover mills 5 piece dining room sets. At just $2xx it’s a lot more affordable than its counterparts. Its biggest advantage is its elegant design and size. It can fit perfectly into a small to medium dinning room and blend in to give your dining room a classy feel. Weather you’re having friends over, celebrating your anniversary with your partner or having Thanksgiving dinner, the dinning set is perfect for any occasion. You won’t get bored with it, your dining set will make every meal special and friends are likely to comment on how lovely the dining table is before they leave.

The owners of the Andover Mills 5 piece dining sets say they’re very comfortable. This is no surprise as the designs of small kitchen table and chairs for four. Unlike other dinning sets with thick wooden back rests and hard seats. This 5 piece dining set counter height has a slightly curved back rest that elegantly slides down onto the seat to form a great back support. The chairs allow the back to be kept straight while sitting down and the legs firmly placed on the ground. Also, the micro-fiber seats are soft and extremely comfortable to sit on; you wouldn’t want to get up again. To top it off the seats are stain proof and dry quickly when wet.

The low price and high quality of the wooden dining room set is another major attraction. It’s extremely rare to find a 5 piece retro dining set with such high quality and low costs. Usually, dining sets with such high quality are very expensive while cheep dining sets don’t last a season. The Andover Mills 5 piece dining set comes into the market as a game changer, it has great quality and owners don’t complain about price. It’s definitely a favorite for bargain shoppers. With all its gilts and glam the dining set is easily worth 600-800 dollars. With the selling price of the Andover mill 5 piece dining set being below 300 dollars, your definitely are getting this modern dining room set at a give away price.

When taken good care of, the Andover Mills 5 piece dining set is very durable. The wooden structure is very stable and sturdy. Although quite light, its strength should not be confused with its weight. It can support a large weight and will last season upon season if not rough handled, smashed on the ground or exposed to wood damaging materials such as termites. The whole dining room centerpieces sits flat and level on the floor. Its light weight makes pushing the chairs in easy. They can be lifted and tucked under the table instead of dragging them on the ground. Dragging chairs on the ground can cause damage to flooring, make unpleasant sounds on tiled floors and cause damage to the chair legs. It’s not uncommon to see family houses with more than one dinning set. If you have a large family and you already have a large dinning room set. The Andover 5 piece dinning set is a great supplement as it also features as a small kitchen table with chairs for four chairs that can be pushed in completely, giving your more space to move around when not in use and more sitting space for those large family gatherings.

Apparently, one of the disadvantages of living in an apartment is not being able to find a suitable dinning set for the small space available. Luckily the Andover Mills 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set is stylish affordable and perfect for any small space. With a world class design, for the first time ever, you will get more than what you pay for with this product. Although it has its minor disadvantages, the advantages greatly outnumber the disadvantages. You can order this dining set online at The delivery is very fast and should arrive within 2 business days. Once your dinning set has arrived be sure to read through the set up instructions before attempting to set it up. Its quiet easy to set up, an Allen wrench comes with the dining set to make setting it up easy. Remember, if you have any problems, call the customer service. They are always will to help out on any problem. In case of incomplete dining sets or damages to any of the parts during delivery, you have a thirty days warranty; file your complaints to the customer service and a new one will be sent to you from the manufacturer within a week.

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With all being said the bottom line is, the Andover 5 piece dinning set is a neat dinning set perfect for any occasion that is very affordable. I would advise it for anyone looking to upgrade a small to medium dining space on a tight budget. But if you have a small budget and want to get one you have to look my special list below.

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