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Breville BBL605 Hemisphere Control Blender Reviews

Breville introduces the world its new product Breville Hemisphere Control Blender which has begun a new age in the blending world.

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Breville Hemisphere Control Blender
Breville introduces the world its new product Breville Hemisphere Control Blender which has begun a new age in the blending world. It’s easy but powerful blending options made it a fabulous blender and the blender has taken its place in many kitchens all around the world. The blender brand Breville has produced a series of blenders and this particular model is sitting on the top of them all.
Breville Hemisphere Control Blender is constructed with a very powerful motor of 750 watt, and it provides 5 varieties of speeds. It has designed in a unique way with a die cast metal base, it increases your kitchen’s beauty. This blender is recommended for the chefs who are new in their profession as it has the easier operating system but it gives the perfect blend.




The Breville Hemisphere Control bbl605 is built with a 750 watt motor which is very powerful and produces great blending strength to the blender. It provides 5 different speeds so that you are able to operate the blender at the level you need. The speed options are: Snow, mix, blend, liquefy and puree. There is also a pulse option, you need to hold it down for a continuous blend.
The machine contains a jar of 48 ounces. The whole body is made of BPA free plastic. There is a measuring scale drawn on the side of the 48 ounce jar as a result you do not need to measure your ingredients separately. The whole set up is 16.8 inches high and 8.3 inches wide. It weighs only 8.7 lbs. The base has a display on it which shows you the time interval while blending. You can preset the time interval as you wish.


Breville Blender BBL605 Features:

  • Constructed with 750 watt motor which provides 5 different speed options.
  • Die cast metal base to keep the machine safe.
  • Includes blades graded by the engineers.
  • Measuring scale drawn on the side of the plastic jar.
  • Hemisphere blade and bowl system.
  • Jar made with BPA free plastic.


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Breville BBL605 Blender Pros:

The Breville Hemisphere Control Blender is constructed with a 750 watt motor inside. It makes the machine more powerful and it is able to produce 5 speeds differently. By the Snow speed option you can easily blend hard frozen ingredients and ice easily with a snowy taste. Using these speed options you are able to blend juice, grind bread dough, process foods and even you can make smooth peanut butter. The blending is totally up to you while you are using the pulse mode, just hold it down until the smoothness level you want appears.
The die cast metal body secures the machine from rusting and keeps it safe from dishwasher. The 48 ounce jar contains a measuring scale on it so the user does not need to measure items separately.  This product is deigned based on hemisphere technology. As the bowl and blades are hemisphere, it is easy to blend as well as cleaning up the machine. Also you will get a time preset option and you can go to complete your other remaining works after setting the time interval, the blender will automatically stop blending when the time ends. This blender is not so large in dimensions and its weight is also less than 10 lbs. So carrying and moving this blender is not a heavy task and you can place the blender anywhere in your kitchen.



There are not so many cons against this product, but some features may disappoint some customers. This blender does not include additional containers or blades. As a result the user cannot use different attachments for different recipes. Also, the timer included on the base does not help you very much. The container is not a large one, it is only of 48 ounces while you will find larger containers included with other blenders in the market.



The Breville Hemisphere Control Blender is built to do the hard blending task for you. If you do not count the cons in, it is sure a helpful machine. Installing the blender is not so hard and you can easily operate it. You can try out your dream blending recipes with this blender and you will get a good result in a minute for sure!
If you do not like large grinders to make bread dough or to grind meat or something like that, do not worry, Breville Hemisphere Control Blender is in the market to do the hard job for you. Just purchase the machine, install it and put staffs in it, you will be rewarded with marvelous blended foods! It will save both of your valuable money and time.


breville hemisphere control bbl605

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breville bbl605 blender
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