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Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Reviews

In the series of Ninja blenders, the Ninja Kitchen Mega System is holding the top place and its BL770 model is such a beauty in the market of blenders.

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770

In the series of Ninja blenders, the Ninja Kitchen Mega System is holding the top place and its BL770 model is such a beauty in the market of blenders. The BL770 is the black belt member of the Ninja family. It is constructed with a powerful 1500 watt/2 horsepower motor which can provide ten varieties of speeds to the user. The package also includes 2 additional attachments. BL770 professionally does the work of juicing as well as making dough, processing foods and blending frozen items. As the operating system is so easy and the machine has become unique with its ten different speeds, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 easily took place in cooks’ kitchens.
You can blend your ingredients in a stylish method by using Ninja Blender BL770. The additional attachments make some exceptions in blending as they provide two separate configurations for blending. With the BL770 you will receive 2 additional containers and 4 different types of blades. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System helps you to make the best solution for your blending problems. It is fun to make foods with this blender and you will become as a master chef in a minute. The unique design of the product gives the kitchen an excellent professional look.


The body of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 is constructed with a highly powerful motor of 1500 watt and it smashes every kind of food ingredient you want. It includes 4 different blades for different purposes. You can use the 6-blade assembly for making smoothies or juice and the 4-blade assembly is for making dough or blending frozen items. The containers are a jar of 48 oz. and a food processor bowl of 64 oz. There are 3 settings available for 3 kinds of pulverization. The machine also includes a pulse setting which you have to hold down for a continuous blend.


Ninja Blender BL770 Features:

  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 is built using the wave-action system force method which forces the ingredients down into the blades so that the mixture gets smoother.
  • The containers are designed in the traditional round shape, as a result food does not stick in the corners.
  • Easy to clean up and it’s safe from dishwasher.
  • Constructed using a 1500 watt motor and it increases the strength of the blender.
  • The product includes a splash guard to protect the user from accidental splashes.
  •  On the base there is a lock attached to the side to keep the containers stable.
  • 1 year warranty is included with every purchase.

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Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System Pros:

Because of having a powerful motor of 1500 watts, the Ninja bl770 mega kitchen system gives the user the maximum blending power. It produces 10 different speeds. Every recipe needs a level of smoothness for the mixture and you can easily set the speed to achieve that level of smoothness. The 4 separate blades help you to make changes in the mixtures.
The whole body of the machine is covered with rubber so that you have not to worry about slipping the product from your hands and ruin it. The user can easily prepare meals in a very short time using the food processor container. You can make homemade ice-creams in minutes. There is a splash guard included which will save you and your foods from accidental splashes. The product includes one year warranty so you do not have to worry about the blender for a year. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is easy to operate and even an amateur user can use it without facing any problems. The base lock locks the container along the base and keeps it stable from the vibration. This blender does not make much sound so your neighbors will not be disturbed by the sound.



A major problem that users may face is, the product is a little bit heavy. You need to be strong to move it and it is not an easy task to carry for skinny users. And this blender can disappoint color lovers as it is only available in black. Another problem is you are not allowed to buy only the additional attachments for your remaining set up, you need to purchase the whole product again in that case.

Ninja Blender BL770

»» Check Price & More Info : Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 ««



Though the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 may be seemed expensive to some people but the product is worthy. You purchase it once and the whole blending society will be in your hands for years. The blender gives the surety of a long lasting body and you will be glad with the comfortable blending options included with the set.
So why do delay? Grab one Ninja Mega System from the market and blend happily!


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