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Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 Reviews

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 has come as the new member of the Ninja blender brand in the market and its model BL771 is now available all around the world.

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 has come as the new member of the Ninja blender brand in the market and its model BL771 is now available all around the world. This BL771 model sure wears the black belt for the Ninja blender family. It is made of a powerful 1500 watt/2 horsepower motor and it includes several additional attachments. Ninja bl771 Blender offers the professional ways in the field of not only juicing, but also in Dough Making, Food Processing, Frozen Blending and so on. The user can use this blender in a number of different ways depending on his need and for this reason Ninja Mega Kitchen System has made its place in customers’ kitchen so easily.

By using ninja bl771 mega kitchen system, you can blend your ingredients in style. The additional attachments give the user some exceptional variety in blending as they provide four several configurations for blending. Among them, the Single Serve Blend Configuration has made the system unique from all the traditional blenders. The two Food Processor configurations helps you with hard mixing like dough or frozen food mixings. The larger jars let you blend more ingredients at a time with a smooth effect.


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 has become popular in the market for its powerful 1500 watt motor and the additional attachments it includes. The whole system includes four separate configurations: the Single Serve Blending Configuration, the Food Processor Configuration (large, 64 oz. bowl), the Food Processor Mini Prep Bowl Configuration and the Blender Jar Configuration. You will receive a pair of Single Serve Cups with a pair of lids for the Single Serve Blending configuration. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System gives you an improved Food Processor configuration where you can use a 64 oz. food processor bowl which is of traditional round shape. The Ninja bl771 mega kitchen system with 24 ounce mini prep bowl works for the Food Processor Mini Prep Bowl configuration and this bowl sets itself inside the large 64 oz. food processor bowl. Finally the Blender Jar configuration contains a large jar of 72 ounces. This configuration follows the traditional standby configuration which helps with a long time blending.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 Features:

  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 Includes: 72 oz. jar, 3 cup prep bowl, 8 cup processor dough bowl and 2 15 oz. single serve cups with drink lids.
  • Stable and strong base performance.
  • Bowl capacity is 64 ounces.
  • Includes 1 year warranty.
  • Available only in black.
  • Inspiration guide which is most like a recipe book.
  • Ninja 1500 watt mega kitchen system
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With the 1500 watt motor inside, Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 rules the blending kingdom and it will pulverize anything you need. The base of the machine has a lock in the side so that you can lock the jar and bowls and what you are blending will not accidently splash on you by the vibration. The bowls have no square corners as a result the user gets an eliminated grip where food can get caught in the corners and he can easily wash the bowls. The Single Serve has a default pulse speed and you have to hold it down for a continuous blend. There are three other different speeds which are used for the other three configurations. Using the four configurations you get 4 ways of grinding options in one set, so it saves a lot of time for you.

As the prep bowl sets in the food processor large bowl, For Ninja BL771 Blender you do not need an extra space for the two bowls. The whole set is easy to carry as it is not so large and heavy. The customer also receives an inspiration book which is more like a recipe book and it includes almost 25 blending recipes. You do not need to worry about the blender for a year as you get one year warranty included with the blender.



The major problem with the set is, the Single Server are not fully closeable. There is a permanent drinking hole on every lid. For this reason, if the user wants to take away the smoothie with him that he has just made, and put the cups in his travel bag; his bag sure will become a mess with the smoothie. So every user needs to be careful while they will be working with the Single Server configuration. Another problem is, you cannot buy only Single Serve cups for your remaining blender if you lose the included ones.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

»» Check Price & More Info : Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 ««


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL771 is so much worthy for you that if you purchase it once, the whole blending world will be in your kitchen for years! This product ensures the user a long lasting body and you will be happy with the comfortable blending options included with the set. So grab one Ninja Mega Kitchen System and happy blending!


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